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"Life is a journey, and not a destination. A goal is only a milestone, and with the achievement of each goal we will set another more challenging one. It is a quest for continuous improvement and the root cause of any undesirable outcome must be identified and removed. How can we do more with less, and what can we do to take out inefficiencies in our thoughts and our actions. We are responsible for the outcome. We shall be a disciplined people engaging in disciplined thought and action "

Chairman - Virtus Holding


Virtus Holding, building business since 1977, is engaged in trade & service of a wide range of products in our core fields of Health, Science & Education. We have embraced Information Technology as an enabler for standardizing workflows and providing decision support tools.

Over 750 people, employed across a number of operating companies,  in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar & India deliver a superior customer experience (Turnover 2020 – USD 120 Million).

People are our most important resource: nurturing and enabling them, developing critical thinkers and empowering stewards capable of driving growth. Proactively managing our HR requirements, we are increasing headcount annually, constantly seeking both fresh and experienced hands in various spheres of our activity.

Growth requires discipline: the discipline to engage in continuous improvement, to continually invest in training, to meet commitments of performance and quality, to drive future growth through proof of concept pilots, to collect receivables, to be fiscally prudent, to deliver consistently growing dividends: and at all times be drivers of change that challenge status quo in delivering a "Superior Customer Experience".

Building on the foundation of "A Commitment to Excellence" in the products and services offered, "Enabling Excellence" in our people and processes, we are now "Powering Excellence

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We will nurture and enable people, our greatest resource.


We will engage in critical thinking to drive business.


We will grow consciously by executing with discipline, managing risk and exploiting opportunities.


To be one of top 3 solution providers in Scientific & Education fields engaging in trade & service activities in Qatar.


To develop opportunities in Information Technology applied to these fields.


To apply our knowledge and expertise regionally.


To deliver a superior Customer Experience


Our Values


I am the master of my destiny. I know that everything is created twice – first in the mind and then in the material world. I am able to accomplish anything I can think of. I shall no longer say I can’t.


I am motivated by the meaning of my life. I embrace stewardship and shall never deviate. I persevere knowing that obstacles are the stepping stones to growth.


I am passionate about my vocation and delivering with excellence. I understand that empowerment requires a balance between freedom, support and control: encouragement and a light touch are often the best way.


I understand that everything has to happen in its own good time. I am not rushed or anxiously waiting for people to change.


Using my great power of transformation, I take each circumstance, situation and event for the deeper meaning that is so often hidden. I know everything is for the best and will stretch in divine order.


I create beauty wherever I am, speaking softly, respecting the nature of each one in my contact. I express myself without pretense and without offense. 


I am at peace with myself and with the world outside. I will embrace each day with discipline in thought and action.

We Transform

Transformation is not easy, and there are no quick fixes. However, by thinking outside the box and using the latest technology to pursue a model that demands precision, robust collaboration and data sharing, organizations can start to make progress. The ultimate goal of this work is to achieve more integrated, value-driven and client-focused experiences that improve outcomes, boost satisfaction and reduce costs.

To gain a better understanding of what's needed to re-vision the industry, we must take a step back and consider what the ideal state would look like. In a perfect world, every one of the various ecosystems would seamlessly work together, sharing data in meaningful and actionable ways to enable proactive, timely, targeted interventions that meets the end users' needs.


Areas of Transformation


Analytical Technology 

We are an industry leader in providing Advanced Analytical Equipment and Specialized Services for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry through activities such as installing, commissioning, running performance checks and training end users on routine operations before handing over of projects. We are privileged to represent some of the Best of breed Vendors in the world who have applied their deep knowledge and experience in the industry that are now considered as Gold Standards. By these partnerships, we are committed to delivering the most innovative and effective solutions to our clients to accomplish better outcomes. We are committed to bring in latest innovations to customers in line with our vision of delivering tomorrow's solutions today. 

Engineer in Laboratory

Scientific Technology

We represent a number of international solution providers engaged in deploying Air & Water Control Systems and housing solutions for Sterile and Critical Environments. The Scientific Technology team offers a unique blend of technology professionals, product specialists, application specialists as well as business analysts who are trained at manufacturer facilities to excel in bringing state-of-the-art approaches and fresh collaborative insights to deliver a superior customer experience.


Information Technology

With over two decades of experience in efficient laboratory information management, we deliver LIMS solutions which help our customers to harmonize their laboratory processes and improve the efficiency of their laboratory business. Our LIMS caters to virtually all industries including Petrochemical, Environmental, Healthcare, Research, Forensic, Analytical services and Manufacturing.

Scientist on Computer

We have the expertise in facility engineering, to conduct requirements analysis, possess strong fundamentals to offer value engineering and assistance in the design, planning and execution of projects. We hold exclusive franchises of products pertaining to the above speciality systems from world-renowned manufacturers and our engineers and technicians are fully trained to carry out the installation and maintenance of these specialized systems and proud to be the pioneers in this field in Qatar.

Our core team comprising of very competent engineers have several years of experience in the design, supply and installation of Piped Medical Gas Systems, Dental Air & Vacuum systems, Laboratory Gas systems, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Bed head & Technical units, OR & ICU Pendants, Laboratory Casework & Fume-hoods, Bio-Safety cabinets & other Speciality Storage cabinets & Shelving systems etc that are required for Hospitals, Universities, Research Centres and the Oil & Gas industry.

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