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Building & Securing
Critical Environments


Critical Environments are spaces where highly controlled processes are performed. These are typically room conditions where the safety of personnel and the protection of assets is of utmost priority. It is key to maintain standards required for these areas to ensure that all assets deliver their optimal level of performance. We are committed to supporting our customers who require a high functioning environmental system for their facility. Animal research facilities are related to but distinct from research laboratories. The facilities are complex and expensive to build and to operate, but they are vital to the support of a proper, safe, and humane research effort. Minor changes in Vivarium conditions can be devastating to scientific research.


We represent a number of international solution providers engaged in deploying Air & Water Control Systems and housing solutions for Sterile and Critical Environments. The Scientific Technology team offers a unique blend of technology professionals, product specialists, application specialists as well as business analysts who are trained at manufacturer facilities to excel in bringing state-of-the-art approaches and fresh collaborative insights to deliver a superior customer experience.


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